Welcome to the "little black box" in the middle of nowhere.  

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This is the WestIL.net "In Network" support server: eWestIL.net 

available here on EXP3Rmental mirror:
| speedtest | services | security | weather |
* of particular use DWWN users is the internal network hosted speed test

First off let me confirm a few things:

1. YES you are LOST,

2. YES this is a TOY (albeit an extremely powerful and well secured toy!)

Mainly though this is intranet support for our Wireless Internet Service customers

WELCOME to the "experimental" Western Illinois Life Network "in-network" support, entertainment and demonstration server.

Don't get me wrong, there is a tremendous amount of things going on here, way more then most "professional" websites or corporate intra-net services as we wire our office over its 800 acre spread  to always be connected securely internally and accessible from any place in the world at the same time! (yes we farm too PLUS do all this)

The important stuff however is out in the mega fast, multi honed, totally secured datacenter elsewhere known as www.WestILMall.com hosting.

As a side note, if you customers can not find us on www.eWestIL.net and think we might be impacted by an alert ourselves, then try ww2.eWestIL.net (same place, second door in). That way at least if there is an outage actually to be announced, using our "back door" and your cell browser still might get to the details even when technically the details may be impacting us! Of course with the new 52 hour battery backups everywhere, having an outage (other then loosing power in your home which is beyond our scope) requires a rather serious weather event. After 52 hours, if that bad, we both probably have bigger problems by then then simply Internet availability?

For businesses see our Web 101 article that demystifies how the web really works. 

BUT that said, even out here in the sticks there are some cool things that can be done locally. 
What do we have here?
  • Mainly in-home support for our WestIL.net WISP folks
  • Real Time weather stats posted from our Tycon weather station
  • A Rebranded weather forecast using raw National Weather Service data simplified by server AI scripts for plain English graphical forecast
  • A bunch of network cameras: for demonstration, cow calf operators and wildly over the top video surveillance
  • Plus tons of hard disk space left over for archives, tools, databases, utilities and more where cheap space is more key then high speed

We are all about creative out of the box thinking that makes

  • www.AFePub.com web design
    hosted professionally by
  • www.WestILMall.com professional space leasing out on a lightning fast platform
    connected locally via
  • www.WestIL.net Wireless Internet Service locally based sales and support monitored by
  • www.eWestIL.net for customer device monitoring and local security event reporting.

We are the last place for miles you can still get Internet Service, Web Design services AND fully managed hosting solutions all with just a single call!

No we never close and YES you ALWAYS get the boss when you call!

No crazy contract commitments, 100% satisfaction guaranteed,  24/7/365 support ... albeit I will admit answers at 3 am might be a bit slower to come, still we are here for you anytime. Did I mention PPCs?

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube on deck but so far who needs that when you have me personally for support!

Any now back to what you came for: fun ;-)

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